Sunday, January 24, 2010

Steve's Introduction

So this is Steve. Heather has given you all a pretty good idea of why this blog is here. What I want out of it, still trying to navigate. Maybe it is to motivate me. I am no longer content in my daily routine and cannot imagine my life stretching out towards the grave in this manner anymore. Can getting into shape keep me from having another surgery, will it help alleviate my chronic pain (caused by sports injuries and congenital defect), and will I be happier?

I have been taking Heather's advice for quite some time but not going into high gear. Maybe i had to motivate myself to this point so here we go. I am keeping track of my diet, excercise, weight, size, and general sense of well-being. I am trying to live what Heather preaches. I am excluding processed food and trying to eliminate my exposure to hazardous chemicals that are introduced into our systems through the food we eat and items we store it in. This is going to be a chanllenge but I have amazing support, maybe more than I ever have. So here we go...

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